Saratoga Ridge Review

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I’m actually looking for a new apartment right now, and then I realized it didn’t even come to mind to write a review about Saratoga Ridge after I moved out.  That is probably because everything went so smoothly.  If anything did go wrong, it was really my fault. 

Since it was my first apartment, I didn’t realize that one needed to give notice before move out.  However, it wasn’t that bad.  They were very reasonable with me and just added on one more month.  Of course, it was a little more expensive for that month, since it turned into a month-to-month contract.  So, just make sure to give two months notice (Or check your lease to see what kind of notice is required of you).

When I did move out, the guy who did a walk through was very nice and sympathized with my worries about getting screwed over upon move out.  But I didn’t get screwed over because I left the apartment the way it was and made sure to tell them about everything I saw damaged or not as functional when I first moved in. (One tip: be sure to check how smoothly the drawers pull open.  That was one thing they looked at during check out.  Nothing bad happened to me, I just realized how glad I was that I did that as the guy was walking through the place)

Okay, I’ll get on with some details.  First, noise was not really an issue.  Yes, there were occasions where domestic issues occurred.  I think that is to be expected in almost any community living situation.  It is, however, a very safe and secure environment.  So safe and secure, in fact, that I was actually stopped once myself by security because I had jumped over a gate when I wasn’t supposed to.

It kind of sucked that the cool pool was in the front of the complex and far away from me, but it always felt like I was at a resort because of how clean and well kept the spa and pool (with an amazing water fall) were.

If you have an issue, don’t think that maintenance won’t help.  They have always come over to fix any issues I have had.  Just make sure to hold them on their word and that they come to actually fix what you requested to be fixed.  Sometimes they can take a little while.  Keep in mind, it is a huge complex and there are probably emergency maintenance calls everyday.

I actually have been locked out twice and they helped me get back into my place.

The construction is solid.  That doesn’t mean you don’t share walls with people, but the walls are very thick by my standards.  If every little nose you hear bothers you and disturbs your tranquility, wake up and stop being so spoiled.  You live in an apartment, you’re going to hear the neighbors.  Sometimes you get unlucky too, and your neighbors are loud and fight a lot.  If it happens, complain.  After 10pm it is illegal to disturb the peace.  Buy a house if you require 0 disturbances.

Staff are okay.  I did have an issue at one point.  This was my biggest complaint… They sent me a bill for an amount lower then expected.  I called the office to confirm it (If I had recorded that conversation or kept track of who it was I called, I would have been in a much better position).  They confirmed that a credit went to my account.  It turned out it was a mistake.  Someone else accidentally paid rent online and typed in the wrong apartment number.  So, after two weeks of thinking my budget was more free, they called to tell me I needed to pay extra for the rent.  Technically, it was fair that they expected what was owed to them.  Legally, if I kept my records right, it would have been very easy to get the discounted rent since it was an incorrect bill and an incorrect confirmation of the amount owed via telephone.

I realize that I have mostly talked about my problems.  However, this place is amazing.  The apartments are spacious, ceilings are high, amenities are incredible, appliances are some of the best I’ve seen, and you gotta love coming home to a place where green grass is everywhere and well maintained.

In conclusion, you get what you pay for.  This apartment was expensive, and even now, I wouldn’t want to pay for it on my own.  I ended up paying for it on my own because I was a dumb ass and moved in with what is now my ex-girl friend psycho bitch.


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